First PV Project in Colombia for Low-Income Housing

Foto Lorenzo Morales 2

GIE executed the first photovoltaic  project for low-income housing (spanish: VIP - Vivienda Interés Prioritario) in Colombia. The project is located in the Residential Complex "Lorenzo Morales" in Valledupar.  It was brought to life together with Findeter and it will benefit at least 560 families by reducing the costs of the consumption of electricy for the common areas of the complex. This will positively impact the wallets of its residents by allowing free energy consumption from the sun during daylight hours.

The system consists of 76 solar panels located on the common areas' buildings of the complex. It has a total installed power of 20 kWp and thanks to it, the residential complex will stop emitting about 30 tons of CO2 per year.