GIE Completes Solar Pumping Project for Indigenous Kogui Community

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GIE SAS, along with the non-profit organization Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) Colombia developed, implemented and commissioned a solar surface  pumping system for a Kogui community, near to the town of Dibulla, La Guajira.

The project is located in the Kogui sacred haven of Jaba Tañiwashkaka, which has direct access to the sea, and is located a few miles away from Dibulla. The project has an enormous cultural and conservation importance for the Kogui, due to the fact that it is the first time since the colonization that they have regained part of their former territories with direct access to the Caribbean Sea. ACT is aiming for more projects of this kind in the area, in order to restore the original Kogui territory.

The pumping system supplies Jaba Tañiwashakaka with water for crops and human consumption, with the penstock located in the Jerez river, 1.3km away from Jaba. A Grundfos CRIF direct solar pump supplies 8 m3/day of water to four tanks located in the community, over a static head of 16 meters. The pump is fed via a 750Wp solar array. Water destined for human consumption is filtered with a three stage purification system, removing the natural contaminants of the river water. The system is completed with an automated level control system, that turns the pump on or off depending on the water level in the tanks.

With this project GIE SAS reaffirms its commitment with the development of systems for non-interconnected zones of high complexity, as well as with efforts to preserve the cultural heritage of Colombia. More information and photographs may be found in the section "PROJECTS - SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC" of our website.